Enhance Apartment Living with a Wine Cabinet

The appeal of apartment living is undeniably the lifestyle that it offers the people living there.  After all this is what will enrich your life day to day. 

Luxury fittings, fixtures and appliances can enhance this, as can clever design which makes the most of space and ensures that the transition between living spaces is seamless.  No room plays a greater role in this than the kitchen.  Not only does it need to be functional, but with the kitchen typically assuming such a prominent position in the home, it needs to have high aesthetic appeal.  Integrating appliances and concealing them behind panels of joinery that co-ordinate with the rest of the kitchen provides a more cohesive look void of clutter.

So what to include?

We all think about the standard appliances when we think of kitchen design.  Fridge, tick. Dishwasher, tick. Oven, tick.  But what about a coffee maker, steamer or wine cabinet?  These are the things that can really make your heart sing.  Think about what you love and how you’d like to use your kitchen.

If a wine cabinet is something that you’re considering, EuroCave has a range that can be integrated with a high level of sophistication.   Tania MacPhee, Managing Director of EuroCave Australia recommends you consider the following when selecting the best wine cabinet for you.

Think about your lifestyle.  If you are an entertainer then having wine at your fingertips is highly desirable.  A multiple temperature wine cabinet has a gradation of temperature so that each wine varietal can be kept at ideal drinking temperature, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. If you want the option to cellar your wine longer term then single temperature cabinet is probably more suitable.

What does your wine collection comprise of?  Firstly, think about the number of bottles you want to store as this will determine the size of cabinet you need.  Secondly, which wine varietals does your collection include? Not all wine cabinets can accommodate the larger bottles often used for Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. If you enjoy these varietals, make sure that the shelves can accommodate larger bottles whilst avoiding label scratching.

If you are wanting to integrate the wine cabinet then you will require one which is front venting.  EuroCave integrated wine cabinets offer this as well as the following features:


·        A unique ventilation system means that no visible grill is required providing a totally streamlined look.

·        Full glass, solid integrated or glass integrated doors are available to blend harmoniously with joinery.

·        Four sizes available including an extra small cabinet that can be built in at eye level.

·        Unique sliding shelves with “Mains du Sommelier” cradles that accommodate various bottle sizes and provide easy access to each bottle.


The specialist team at EuroCave works with leading Architectural and Interior Design firms as well as Property Developers, providing technical advice regarding design and installation so that you can focus on more important things.


For more information, please visit www.eurocave.com.au